A Getting Started Guide

Begin here to get your grant-seeking off on the right foot.  Here you can find a ton of tips, tools and resources to learn how to apply for grants and other government programs.

Emergency Services Guide

Don’t lose your home or utilities for non-payment. If your need is time-sensitive, read this guide to learn the financial services that can help you and your family.

Contact Prospects & Politicians

Watch this 10 minute video to learn how to find all your representatives from the President on down to your local elected officials. This includes a script of what to say when you contact their offices.

My Story

Hi I’m Andrea Amador

Over the past year I got over 40K worth of grants and free services, and that includes $8500 in rent relief. I’m probably a business owner like you. I’m a published author, confidence coach, web and graphic designer and online instructor. I teach people how to rise above adversity. And I can’t wait to tell you everything I know about how you can use government money programs to get rent relief, debt assistance, help with utilities, free internet and tons of no cost and low cost services.

When Covid hit, it wiped out the majority of my income. My husband, Angel and I fell back on rent and couldn’t pay our bills.

After 4 months of feeling sorry for myself and eating all the sugar in the house, I took a friend’s advice who suggested that I check out grants.

Since last year I’ve succeeded in getting several thousand dollars worth of cash, free services, rent relief and assistance. Now I teach people how to use my system to get grants the easy way.




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“your encouragement helped me get the PUA – to the tune of $18K+ – I’d be cold and miserable squatting under a bridge right now if it hadn’t been for that.”

– Angela treat Lyon, California


“Andrea Amador is amazing! By encouraging me to apply to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, she helped me get 6 months of rent assistance. That’s nearly $5000 that doesn’t have to come out of my pocket.”

– Maria Elena escobar, Pennsylvania

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January 9, 2022

How I Got Over $45K Worth of Grants and Free Services and You Can Too!

Has rising inflation left your family struggling to make ends meet? Are you worried about getting evicted and falling deep in debt? Grants are United States government-funded free money programs designed to help people. Unlike loans, you don’t pay the money back. There are grants available for everyone, for any need. But grants are not advertised so you won’t know where to find them or how to apply for them unless you are an insider.

Over the past year due to Covid I lost 80% of my income. Almost overnight my husband and I went from having a 2 income family to 1 income. A brush with eviction and fear of losing our home for falling behind on rent pushed me to learn everything I could about government grants. And during the past year I’ve gotten over $45K worth of grants and free services which includes $8500K in rent relief alone. Believe me when I tell you that you don’t have to struggle anymore. I’ll show you how you can get financial relief for yourself and your family too.

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